A friend of mine – Suzy Grinter – crossed the line that no pet owner wants to face – having her beloved dog euthanased.

The beautiful Roxy’s condition was beyond further treatment causing plummeting quality of life and the certainty of increasing suffering.

Roxy left us yesterday – Friday 1st November 2013. ………… R.I.P

She wouldn’t close her eyes for me
The mirrors of her soul
That used to tell me everything
Like ‘you have to let me go’

Where once I read her every thought
Because they were so deep
I couldn’t bear the glaze that came
As she went off to sleep

I needed to look into them
Like Rox would to do to me
We shared a lot my Rox and I
That no one else could see

But I held her head and stroked her nose
And whispered in her fur
How very much she meant to me
And how I’d long for her

And how I’ll miss her lying here
Right beside my chair
Her snores at night, her nose at dawn
Checking that I’m there

Rox, Harry just left his ball for you
Right beside your nose
The sweetest thing, it made me cry
As you lay comatose.

He knows that you can’t play with him
But it’s the bestest gift he knew
For being such a mum to him
Both him and little Boo

Thank you Rox, I don’t know how
We’ll do without you here
My special girl, my best best friend
I always know you’re near.

(The beautiful words above were written by Suzy)

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