As told by Dave Nasser – his owner………

The first time we saw George, our beloved Great Dane, he was no more than a tiny, cowering  ball of fuzzy fur. He tentatively  pushed his little nose forward  and gave Christie her first lick


Puppy love: A young George with  Dave’s wife Christie.

Even as a pup he had  comically large paws.  

He came  into our lives in January 2006


Magnificent: George measures more than  7 ft from nose to tail and weighs  18 stone and is the world’s biggest dog, but he’s  terrified of Chihuahuas… 


Paws for thought: George’s giant feet  dwarf Dave’s hand

In the summer of  2006, we had to buy him his  own queen-sized mattress. A male Great Dane typically weighs from 9 to 11 stone,  but by Christmas 2007 George  weighed 15 stone — bigger than most men.


With size comes problems: George the  giant barely fits in the back Of his owner’s SUV 

George loves dolls, especially a stuffed green one that plays a nursery rhyme when squeezed. Whenever he can, he places it between his paws and presses it so he can hear the tune. It is like a security blanket.


A doggone miracle: George the Great  Dane with the Nasser’s daughter Annabel at home in Arizona

Christie applied to the Guinness World Records people on George’s behalf. That February, one of their adjudicators came to watch George being measured in the  presence of a vet. He was officially declared not  just the world’s tallest living dog (43  inches from paw to shoulder) but the tallest dog ever. 


Man’s biggest friend: Devoted owner Dave Nasser with George.

George weighs 252 pounds!!! 


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