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Travel – Africa


Malcolm Holland


043-Big-Ellie aa Elephant texture Abu Camp, Okavango by Dana Allen - PhotoSafari african-elephant-queleas_60631_990x742 At the waterhole Mashatu - Isak Pretorius Wildlife Photography Baby - (Chris Martin Wildlife Photography) Baby in the grass baby-elephant-serengeti_55571_990x742 Big bull in North Phinda Bull elephant on Londolozi airstrip - Augt12 Londolozi Bull heading for water at Phinda Bull Chitwa Chitwa 2 Chitwa Chitwa a Chitwa Chitwa at the river Chitwa Chitwa b Chitwa Chitwa b8 Chitwa Chitwa c1 Chitwa Chitwa cc Chitwa Chitwa dd Chitwa Chitwa Depart Digging for water - Selous National Park - Michael Poliza Photographer Double Dusk at Chobe River - Kelly Okavango Dust-bath - Isak Pretorius Wildlife Photography Dusty - Michael Poliza Photographer ELEPHANT-1 elephant-herd-grass-tanzania_22652_990x742 elephant-herd-kenya_amboseli elephant-rainbow_12665_990x742 Elephants and Thunderheads, Segera Ranch, Kenya Michael Poliza Photographer elephants-etosha-national-park_12664_990x742 elephants-kenya_Amboseli elephants-queen-elizabeth-park-Uganda elephants-sand-river_58697_990x742 elephants-water-hole_Chad elephant-trio-etosha-national-park_48281_990x742 ellie calves playing Ellie_calf at Tshabalaba Pan - Augt12 Londolozi Ellie_Sunset - Augt12 Londolozi Ellie-mudbath - 5Oct12 Londolozi Ellies-Circuit-Pan - 5Oct12 Londolozi Ellies-crossing-river - 20Sept12 Londolozi Ellie-trunk-and-tusk - 20Sept12 Londolozi Flap forest-elephant-water_Gabon Herd Chobe River South Luangwa National Park, Zambia Herd Kings Pool Luvuvhu River, KNP by Dana Allen - PhotoSafari Mana Pools, Zambesi River by Dana Allen - PhotoSafari Mud-covered-ellie - 5Oct12 Londolozi Oh Joy - Tod Peterson - Safarious Okavango Okavango-Delta On Marula Plains, Sabi Sands - (Chris Martin Wildlife Photography) One tusked bull at Londolozi April 2013 One-hour old and he's already Dana Allen - PhotoSafari peek-a-boo Playtime - Isak Pretorious Wildlife Photography Quenching thirst - Biyamiti, KNP - (Chris Martin Wildlife Photography) red-elephants-stirton_Tsavo samburu-elephants_3642_990x742 samburu-elephants-group-kenya_28396_990x742 Segera Ranch, Kenya Michael Poliza Photographer Singita Pamushana Lodge Zim Singita Zim 2 Singita Zim Suckle Twins_walk Twins_walk2 Waterhhole by Dana Allen - PhotoSafari Waterhole Mashatu - Isak Pretorius Wildlife Photography You rang...... - Michael Poliza PhotographerElephant

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