The Schlep Car Collection

The Schlep Car Collection



It was basically assembled between 1936 to 1985 in Mulhouse, Alsace, France, by the Schlep Brothers.
The Schlep brothers were in the Textile Manufacturing Trade.

The collection was put together under much secrecy.
The reason for secrecy was that the brothers were using French Government funds, then meant to support their textile business.

The workers and staff at the Schlep factories were not aware of what was happening and when discovered they reported the brothers to the authorities.
The brothers immediately fled over the border to Basel in Switzerland.

The collection can not now be replicated in any way as the brothers had purchased the entire remains of the Bugatti Factory Enterprise. 
This then saw them possess these very unique vehicles.

The collection was ultimately seized by the French Government and remains intact as a Museum.

To see this astounding collection open the attachment above.

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